Six Sense Records



Six Sense Records, operating since 2004 out of Los Angeles, California, is an eclectic union of EDM believers whose wish for you is to be inspired and transported through their releases – be they audio dreamscapes drenched in ethereal melodies and soul-shifting rhythms, or banging’ electro that crushes, screams and perverts.

At the center of this talented and an enthusiastic collective is Sky Tavis aka “Skyko”, a versatile artist, proficient producer and gifted multi-instrumentalist who has deep roots in EDM. Skyko and his highly motivated team plan to nurture and support the growth of the EDM scene through quality content backed by a belief that music can transform lives. Well-honed virtuosity infused with and fueled by freedom and independence has allowed Six Sense to begin carving out their own unique lane in a landscape of mass-produced mediocrity.

Says Skyko:

“There is so much amazing music being created by independent artists these days! As a passionate defender of the independent scene, I feel the responsibility to focus on progress and innovation. I’d rather work on a tune for a week or two, get it sitting really right before sending it out into the world. The mainstream music mafia is pushing this “assembly line” type music down the pipeline and it’s up to labels like us to help keep it fresh and moving forward into interesting and entertaining new directions.”

Six Sense makes more than records– they paint experiences and infuse authenticity into every single thing they do.

From writing and recording as well as producing and promoting the music to casting, shooting, editing and distributing the accompanying visuals, all aspects of the creative process are handled in-house and tended to with care, sincerity and uncompromising vision. Event organization, live performances and DJ’ing are also an integral part of the Six Sense EDM arsenal.

Skyko himself discovered EDM at Ministry of Sound London and the notorious “it” club in Amsterdam back in 1992 and he’s not looked back since. Driven to contribute to– and be a part of– the spectacular sounds coming out of Europe, he released a track on a local L.A. label in 1994. Tracking people down to get paid was a particular point of frustration as was the sobering fact that there was no real big label support in America for EDM at the time.

Skyko and his crew of groove crusaders took assertive action and began operating “Club Heaven” in Hollywood as a way of building like-minded community and bringing people together for a sensational live experience. During this time, a number of their European DJ pals encouraged them to release music on their own imprint.

¬†Great plan, however…

They soon found that running a club and a record label, along with DJ’ing and producing was impossible to do efficiently, so they opted to focus on their true love– MUSIC. The mission was clear– bring the beauty of EDM to the people and promote the best aspects of the scene– energetic exuberance, boundless joy, and social harmony, all delivered through a powerful assault of the senses.

Continuing to progress, expand, and flourish in 2012, Six Sense Records (a division of Deep End Entertainment, Inc.) strives for distinctive quality, innovation and to stay current resisting the trend to imitate the status quo.

100% Independent 100% Passionate 100% Authentic