Six Sense Records is about as grass roots, down home, Mom & Pop, American DIY as you get.

Who We Are.

We do everything from writing & recording the music, digital distribution (with the help of CD Baby) publishing and placement, marketing, promotion, website design and updates as well as produce, edit and upload all the music videos and promos. It’s a lot of work but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Lucy Macedo

Freedom of Expression

Being independent means that we allow ourselves to say what’s on our mind without having to worry about higher-ups complaining or commenting on our artistic choices.  This gives us a unique opportunity to be free from censorship issues - unlike mainstream artists that have to conform to a specific narrative.

Classical • Heavy Metal • Jazz • Rock • Electronic • Dance

No form of music is off limits to us!  We have the flexibility to create new music that borrows different characteristics from each style.  We call it “Genrebending”.  Nothing is too far out, this is the Wild West of musical production…

Li©ense our Musi©

Since we own all copyrights on songs AND master recordings it’s a breeze to offer licenses to you to use in your film or video.  We make exceptions and will discount subjects that are near and dear to our hearts.

We Stood our Ground

The current ethical climate in “Hollywood” and the entertainment business in general is questionable at best. To be blunt, we never wanted to sell our souls to the vampires that run the major corporations and to be fair, they never wanted us either.  We couldn’t be bought, coerced or compromised - and that was pretty much a deal breaker for them.  UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!!!