The Raveolution Begins

Six Sense Records proudly presents the new video for "Disobey" by The Raveolution.

"Hey whaddaya say we kick some ass today?"  Is the question posed in their latest single "Disobey", a call to fellow EDM believers and all other sentient earthlings to STAND UP and BE COUNTED. To rise against the leaders who "mislead us".  "Disobey" speaks to the heart of what they represent as artists-- independence and integrity rabidly revolting against an ever expanding “Obama-Era” corporate culture of hyper-commercialism and crass consumerism.

The Raveolution is an electronic dance music duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists KC and Skyko, whose friendship and working relationship pre-date the phrase “EDM”. “In the early days of 1986 when we first met playing the rock clubs on the Sunset Strip”, Skyko relates, “The scene was so different!  Musicians were all friends and there was a real camaraderie amongst fans and artists”.

KC & Skyko

Recounting stories of how they both spent extended periods of time in London and how the electronic music scene there influenced and shaped their sound, a new bond was formed after years of going it alone.

Having gone separate ways for several years, touring the world and experiencing life as solo artists, a chance meeting reunited the two in 2010. They ultimately realized the time was right to join forces and create something innovative and groundbreaking.  They recognized the profound way in which their musicianship could shine in the current "push play” era.

Bringing a dynamic combination of live and electronic instrumentation, informed by decades of stage performance and thousands of hours of studio work collectively, The Raveolution have definitely put in the overtime necessary to masterfully perfect the art of electronic music production.  Both the video and single were produced 100% independently from the heart and soul by Six Sense Records out of Los Angeles, California.

If EDM can teach us one thing, it's the power of unity and people coming together. Skyko and KC dare to suggest  that there is an alternate solution -- to uplift our spirits, invigorate our hearts and awaken our minds while still banging away on traditional instruments like electric guitar, bass, drums & analog synthesizers.

So hey, whaddaya say? Disobey… and join The Raveolution… Today.

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